Bryan Greenberg of ABC’s ‘October Road’ Talks to JoyHog

Bryan took some time to respond to our questions by email this week. Check out his thoughts on the new season, his second career as a musician, and his personal entertainment favorites…

So “October Road” has returned for a second season. Please tell me that we’re going to get more than six episodes this time around…
Last year ‘October Road’ was a mid-season show, so we only had 6 episodes. But the fans really took to the show. So this year we’re back with at least 13 more. We’ll see what happens with the strike if we can finish up the full season.

I think one of the great things about this series is the constant ‘will they or won’t they’ between Nick and Hannah. Will this year keep teasing us or what?
Will they or won’t they? That’s TV in a nutshell. The Nick Hannah baby mama drama continues. With a bunch of new twists and turns this year.

Laura Prepon is looking all sorts of luminous as the leaves fall around her. When the cameras aren’t rolling is she just serene and beguiling or did the years of ‘That ’70s Show’ instill some cheeky behavior in her?
Laura is like one of the guys. She’s one of the coolest chicks around. She’s supper supportive. When she’s not out of town watching UFC fights, we actually work on scenes and run lines together on our time off.

You guys film outside of Atlanta, right? Do you stroll into Hot-lanta on the weekends? Check out the aquarium? No really, if not the whale shark, what fills up your down-time on location?
Last season we shot in Atlanta. But this year we packed up all of the sets and moved to Los Angeles. Atlanta was great. But it’s much easier to shoot a series when the writers and the production are all in one state. As far as going out: I’m the lead on a one hour series so I’ve pretty much sacrificed my social life for this show. But it’s worth it.

And you’ve got a music career going as well. Your album, “Waiting for Now” is on iTunes. Can we expect a follow-up?
Yeah I love making music. On my time off I was playing gigs around LA. But now that the show has started filming, any free time I get I’m in the studio recording. I just released a new song called “Hmmm” on iTunes. I actually wrote the song for the show. And it will be placed on it sometime this season.

Since we’re always looking to see what’s hot here at JoyHog, tell us what you’re reading, watching and listening to. We love a good recommendation.
I just finished watching season 4 of ‘The Wire.’ That is my favorite show – I can’t wait till the next season. I’ve also been reading the comic ‘Y: The Last Man,’ which is hilarious. I listen to so much new music it’s crazy. Right now it’s the new Radiohead, Jay Z, Little Brother, and now I’m considering a Tom Waits binge.

Without getting into trouble, can you tell us what to expect this season on “October Road”?
Last season things came together nicely for my character, Nick Garrett. This year not so much. His fantasy of picking up his life where he left off 10 years ago, begins to crumble. But instead of running away he decides to dig in and fight through his problems. Of course all the while screwing it up and making it worse for himself.

But you can’t blame him – his intentions are good.