2008 Preview (Film)

You know that the top of the year cinema selections will be paltry at best. Here are the ones we are looking forward to throughout the New Year. Sometimes a juicy trailer or a good production still is enough to get you through the day.

CLOVERFIELD | 18 January

Enough with the teasing already…bring on the beast! Luckily for us, January will be a little less drab with this one coming ‘round the bend. Director, Matt Reeves (who has been dormant since “The Yards” eight years ago) wrote oodles of ‘Felicity’ episodes, and now he’s at the helm of this film that has gripped us all by its shear poster design.

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27 DRESSES | 18 January

Yay! A squishy rom-com with the much-adored Katherine Heigl! It’s the proverbial always-the-bridesmaid tale, but (fingers crossed) a lot cuter. Since it’s penned by the writer of “The Devil Wears Prada,” it does seem primed for entry into that watch-over-and-over shelf when the DVD rolls out. Throw in some good music, Edward Burns, Judy Greer and James Marsden, and I think we can bust out the bubbly.

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Woody Allen is back in London and he’s got Ewan McGregor and Collin Farrell at his side. In his newest film, the two leads are troubled in love and money (slash gambling). Though it’s hard to gather much from the trailer and synopsis, the outcome is apparently “sinister” and “unfortunate.” We’re hopeful that the now-British director will have another one as intriguing as “Match Point” was a few years back.


JUMPER | 14 February

Doug Liman certainly knows how to get our blood pumping. Hayden Christensen, Jamie Bell, Rachel Bilson and Samuel L. Jackson comprise the cast of “Jumper,” his latest offering. Christensen plays a young man who harbours a genetic anomaly, giving him the gift to teleport himself anywhere. Kinda like Star Trek, but without that big room where everyone has to stand on their circles. Oh, and the Jumpers (there are many) are in a war that’s been going on for thousands of years. We love.

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It’s a catfight for the affections of Eric Bana and the crown jewels! Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson will have to duke it out in period garb. The whole Boleyn situation grabbed our attention during the first season of Shwotime’s ‘The Tudors’ (ps, just came out on DVD). Now we’re ready for more. Hopefully it’ll be good and vicious for those of us without the attention span to read the best-selling novel from which it is adapted.

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10,000 B.C. | 7 March

JP is livid that American pop culture is still using the term “B.C.” as opposed to “B.C.E.” But that’s neither here nor there. This epic from the guy who threw Jake Gyllenhaal in a big ol’ tidal wave, will have plenty of excitement for those huge audiences that run to the cinema in March. There are mammoths and lost civilizations and then there’s a score that will make you want to upgrade your surround-sound set-up. We’re in.

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Um, isn’t this like ‘Men in Trees’ but with different people? You tell us…

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It’s time to get your scrap on! Sean Faris (ABC’s short-lived JH fave, ‘Life as We Know It’) plays Jake Tyler, the new kid in town where the boys like to get their smack on. Let us sum it up for you: It’s “Fight Club” meets ‘The OC’ from the company that brought us “Step Up 2.” Yes, we are nervous as well. But then Djimon Honsou is in it as the kinda Rocky-trainer role to cue inspirational workout montages.

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Now this film has been sitting on a shelf for a bit, so we’ll see how the dusting off process goes. The good news is that the cast is: Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Joan Allen and Tom Skerritt. It’s a road movie led by the leading ladies of Oscar®. There’s no trailer up yet, so we are thinking only good thoughts and hope it doesn’t end like “Thelma & Louise.”

STOP-LOSS | 28 March

When young American soldiers return from the front lines of Iraq, the American heartland looks quite different. A stellar cast has been assembled for this film, including Ryan Phillippe, Abbie Cornish, Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. All you need to do is watch the trailer to be coerced into seeing this one. We had the 9/11 movies, then we had the war movies, and now it’s the PTSD movies. From the director of “Boys Don’t Cry” (Kimberly Peirce), we are quite looking forward to this one.


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