Jesse J. Holland, who covers race and ethnicity for The Associated Press, writes that Marvel’s “Black Panther” movie — coming Feb. 16 — is creating excitement across the country.

Axios hits the high points:

“Superhero fans, movie fans and especially connoisseurs of black culture — American and African — are eagerly awaiting the debut of Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ movie starring comic books’ first black superhero with an enthusiasm not often seen in American cinema,” AP’s Jesse Holland writes:

  • “‘Black Panther’ viewing parties are being scheduled around the country for its February release, smack dab in the middle of Black History Month.”
  • “Clothing lines are being designed around the bright colors and Afrofuturism styles of Wakanda. And Grammy-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar was just named to produce the soundtrack.”
  • Why it matters: “[P]eople are already calling the still-unseen movie one of the most important of 2018.”
  • What happens: “[T]he Black Panther’s adventures center around his futuristic hidden homeland of Wakanda, considered to be the most technologically advanced nation on Marvel’s earth.”
  • “T’Challa, the Black Panther’s real name, must battle long-time adversaries with the aid of his all-female bodyguards and a CIA agent to maintain control of his country and prevent a world war.”
  • See the trailer.