Cardi B, American hip hop recording artist and television and social media personality, is the cover girl for Rolling Stone’s 2017 Hot Issue.

The magazine calls the Hot Breakout “the year’s most thrilling pop rebel” and writes that she “sums up the state of hotness in 2017.”

Rolling Stone says: “In 2017, hotness is not just a matter of how you sound or how you move or what you build.”

The rest of the Hot List:

Hot Roots — Lukas Nelson

Hot Reinvention — Portugal. The Man

Hot Protest — Hexing Trump

Hot Surprise Influence — Michael McDonald

Hot Lost Cause — Privacy

Hot Comedy — Tiffany Haddish

Hot Revolution — Socialism

Hot Heroine — Britney Spears

Hot Actress — Grace Van Patten

Hot Resurrection — Freddie Mercury

Hot Actor — Jason Mitchell

Hot Pivot — “Mad” Magazine

Hot Playlist Strategy — Activism

Hot Band — Sheer Mag

Hot Nostalgia — The Early 2000s

Hot Sound — Latin Trap

Hot Candidate — Randy “Iron Stache” Bryce

Hot Directors — Safdie Brothers

Hot Superhero — Black Panther

Hot Relic — Pre-Trump Conspiracy Theories

Hot Anti-Bannon — Sleeping Giants

Hot Healer — The Iceman

Hot Digital Shaman — Wavepaths App

Hot Scandinavian Scene — Northern Electronics

Hot TV Revival –Literally Everything

Hot Album Artist — Robert Beatty

Hot Sex — Bespoke Porn

The Hot List 2017: People and Trends We’re Talking … – Rolling Stone