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Newly-divorced Joel (Chris Geere) discovers his best friend Charlie (Tom Riley) is refusing treatment for his cancer. Joel recruits the help of former classmate Tess (Jessica Regan) and the doctor he is dating (Lizzy Caplan) to kidnap, sedate and treat his best friend with black market chemotherapy drugs in this British comedy-thriller created by Sam Bain.

What The Critics Say (Metascore 55)

  • Ill Behaviour has some thoughtful things to say about right-to-life issues and alcoholism, and if you can buy into the kidnapping-to-save-his-life development, you might stick around for the series’ full six episodes. — Ken Tucker, Yahoo TV
  • Ill Behaviour sadly dodges a lot of these difficult topics [How far should a friend go to help another friend? What’s the line between open-minded and suicidal?] in favor of easy love triangles, repetitious bickering, and extreme antics. — Ben Travers, Indiewire
  • Bain obviously wanted some wacky and dark collision to create the comedy, but there’s just not enough of it to sustain much interest in a series that moves slow even when Showtime cuts it in half. — Tim Goodman, The Hollywood Reporter