Watch/tape “60 Minutes” tonight to meet young British virtuoso Alma Deutscher. The 12-year-old natural composer who plays piano and violin, demonstrates her incredible musicality in a profile by Scott Pelley.

  • “Deutscher has been playing piano and violin since the age of 3 and started playing her own melodies at 4. She set herself apart from other prodigies when she composed an opera when she was just 10 — a feat requiring mastery of all the instruments in the orchestra.”
  • “When Pelley points out that Mozart also premiered his first opera at the same age, she replies: “I know that they mean it to be very nice to compare me to Mozart … Of course, I love Mozart and I would have loved him to be my teacher. But I think I would prefer to be the first Alma than to be the second Mozart.”
  • “60 Minutes” captured her with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra this past summer, playing the piano and violin solos for her own concertos. She also wrote the scores for the instruments accompanying her.”
  • “In December, the San Jose Orchestra will stage ‘Cinderella’ in Deutscher’s American debut, where she’ll play the piano, organ and violin.”
  • “The melodies have been in her head, she says, ever since her musicality was awakened by listening to a lullaby by Richard Strauss when she was 3.”

CBS News story/video