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With the help of an underground network of mutants, Caitlin and Reed Strucker (Amy Acker and Stephen Moyer) go on the run from the Government with their children (Natalie Alyn Lind and Percy Hynes White) after they display their mutant powers in the X-Men-based series from Matt Nix.

What The Critics Say (Metascore 63)

  • It’s a gripping and savvy series that carves out its own space in the cluttered comic-book TV landscape. — Kelly Lawler, USA Today
  • The Gifted pilot is all the things “Inhumans” isn’t: quick, tense, funny, occasionally moving. Exposition is at a minimum and the obligatory speeches about intolerance and conformity are kept short. — Mike Hale, New York Times
  • The Gifted has come out of the gate with a solid first hour and memorable cast (something that’s hard when there are so many of them), and there are plenty of things that should make viewers optimistic–assuming it can cut through the noise and prove that it deserves to. — Allison Keene, Collider