Sunday, 10 p.m., ABC


TV producer Jane Sadler (Kyra Sedgwick) life becomes a real-life mystery like her TV show when her daughter (Abigail Pniowsky) disappears in the middle of the night in this thriller created and written by Tassie Cameron

What The Critics Say (Metacritic 62)

  • It’s an instantly engrossing show, made more tense by Sedgwick’s all-in performance of a woman losing a precarious grip on things. — Hank Stuever, Washington Post
  • The series can’t quite figure out what to do with Jane as an anti-hero. Sedgwick gives it her all, but Jane’s actions are bizarre and suspicious, which is odd considering she’s supposed to be an expert on police procedure. The series also overdoes it with flashbacks and psychedelic visions in Jane’s scenes that end up more hokey than illuminating, and are often fighting the story rather than adding to it. — Kelly Lawler, USA Today
  • Why ABC thinks American viewers will care about what happens to a TV scriptwriter who brings turmoil and heartbreak upon herself is beyond me. Maybe it’s the Kyra Sedgwick of it? Even “Closer” fans may have a hard time cozying up to this character. — Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette