Sunday, 8:30 p.m., Fox


The Bureau Underground recruits Leroy Wright (Craig Robinson), a skeptical security guard and Max Allison (Adam Scott), a believer of the supernatural, to go undercover to investigate paranormal activity in Los Angeles in this comedy from Tom Gormican.

What The Critics Say (Metascore 62)

  • Ghosted could be a very basic case-of-the-week comedy with a few casual laughs, or it could streamline itself into a wild, conspiratorial buddy cop laugh riot. Its stars could certainly sustain either, but only one option would truly be worth recommending. The zanier Ghosted gets, the better. — Ben Travers, Indiewire
  • Sort of a comedic “X-Files”–but only mildly amusing–“Ghosted” needs to be funnier and less predictable if it hopes to win over TV viewers with thousands of options. — Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • The supernatural action unfolds through special effects like some live-action cartoon, with maybe-aliens literally losing their heads. That matches their Fox Sunday night surroundings–but with sneaky bits of sentiment sprinkled in. — Diane Werts, Newsday