Sunday, 8 p.m., CBS


Based on an Israeli series, Silicon Valley tech guru Jeffrey Tanner (Jeremy Piven) creates a crowd-sourcing app to solve his daughter’s murder with the help of Det. Tommy Cavanaugh (Richard T. Jones), head programmer Josh Novak (Blake Lee), manager Sara Morton (Natalia Tena), techie Tariq Bakari (Jake Matthews).

What The Critics Say (Metascore 36)

  • A watered-down “Person of Interest” crossed with Fox’s failed “APB,” this time-waster stars Jeremy Piven as a Silicon Valley mogul touched by tragedy when his daughter is murdered, leading him to quit his company and create a crowd-sourced, crime-solving app. … And to think CBS’s Sunday night was once home to a prestige drama like “The Good Wife” and now it’s a parking spot for this disappointment. — Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • A thoroughly ridiculous tech-tinged procedural. … Nothing that happens in the pilot seems legal, ethical or logical. — Ray Rahman, Entertainment Weekly
  • I don’t remember the last time I watched a show with so much distaste for people who disagree with it, though I suspect there are people who feel this way about more clearly liberal shows. To them, I apologize. I’d argue that Wisdom of the Crowd isn’t ideologically left or right, but rather just building a bad premise badly or, rather, treating a nightmare like a dream. — Dan Fienberg, The Hollywood Reporter