Monday, 10 p.m., NBC


Originally called For God and Country, the military drama focuses on a Special Ops team led by Commander Michael Dalton (Mike Vogel) as they seek a kidnapped American doctor with intelligence support from Patricia Campbell (Anne Heche), Deputy Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and her analysts in D.C.

What The Critics Say (Metascore 55)

  • The Brave’s patriotism and its approach to dealing with threats to Americans is cathartic. Plausible? You’ll have to find another series for that. — Mark A. Perigard, Boston Herald
  • The Brave, which is as generic as broadcast network pilots get, feels like it’s a latecomer to the wave of post-“Homeland” dramas that were commissioned a few years ago. There’s no sophistication in the treatment of geopolitics or the wars in the Middle East, its characters are bland, and even the action sequences have nothing special to set them apart. — Maureen Ryan, Variety
  • NBC isn’t breaking any new ground here, but maybe it doesn’t need to. More focused on operations with a clear procedural setup, The Brave offers up tense tactical missions, but hasn’t revealed what its narrative focus will look like. — Allison Keene, Collider