We check out this week’s new movies at IMDb:

It (2017) Poster

It (2017)

Certificate R   –   Drama |Horror

71 Metascore
A group of bullied kids band together when a monster, taking the appearance of a clown, begins hunting children.

Andy Muschietti

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Home Again (2017) Poster

Home Again (2017)

Certificate PG-13   –   Comedy | Drama |Romance

43 Metascore
Life for a single mom in Los Angeles takes an unexpected turn when she allows three young guys to move in with her.
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Rememory (2017) Poster

Rememory (2017) – [Limited]

Certificate PG-13   –   Drama | Mystery |Sci-Fi

46 Metascore
The widow of a wise professor stumbles upon one of his inventions that’s able to record and play a person’s memory.

Mark Palansky

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The Good Catholic (2017) Poster

The Good Catholic (2017) – [Limited]

Certificate PG-13   –   Comedy |Drama

46 Metascore
Daniel loved his job as a small town priest more than anything. Then he met Jane. God help him.

Paul Shoulberg

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Poster Boys (2017) Poster

Poster Boys (2017) – [Limited]

Certificate PG-13   –   Comedy

Life of three men comes in trouble when their photos appear on advertisement for sterilization.

Shreyas Talpade

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9/11 (2017) Poster

9/11 (2017) – [Limited]

Certificate R   –   Action |Drama

20 Metascore
A group of 5 people find themselves trapped in an elevator in the World Trade Center’s North Tower on 9/11. They work together, never giving up hope, to try to escape before the unthinkable happens.

Martin Guigui

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School Life (2016) Poster

School Life (2016) – [Limited]

Certificate PG-13   –   Documentary

71 Metascore
Long careers are drawing to a close for John and Amanda, who teach Latin, English, and guitar at a stately home-turned-school, where they are legends with a mantra: “Reading. ‘Rithmetic. Rock ‘n’ roll!” But leaving is the hardest lesson.
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Trophy (2017) Poster

Trophy (2017) – [Limited]

  –   Documentary

81 Metascore
This in-depth look into the powerhouse industries of big-game hunting, breeding and wildlife conservation in the U.S. and Africa unravels the complex consequences of treating animals as commodities.
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The Unknown Girl (2016) Poster

The Unknown Girl (2016) – [Limited]

  –   Crime | Drama | Mystery |Thriller

64 Metascore
A woman gets obsessed with the case of a dead woman after learning that the woman had died shortly after having rung her door for help.
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Hirune-hime: Shiranai watashi no monogatari (2017) Poster

Hirune-hime: Shiranai watashi no monogatari (2017) – [Limited]

  –   Animation | Drama |Sci-Fi

69 Metascore
Kokone has university exams to prepare for, but instead she dozes off. Even when her father is unceremoniously arrested prior to the Tokyo Olympics and the family is hiding away a mystery or two she finds herself taking refuge in sleep where thrills await her. Could there be more to her dreams?

Kenji Kamiyama

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