Thursday, 10 p.m., Spike


Many people in the small town of Bridgeville, Maine are at odds with one another when a strange mist comes and forces them to work together to find their love ones and survive in this series based on Stephen King’s novella.

What The Critics Said (Metascore 53)                                        

  • A solid reimagining of the Stephen King novella of the same name, The Mist is an intriguing new example of scary TV. — Ken Tucker, Yahoo TV
  • Bernstein (Fargo, Better Call Saul) is a good enough director that The Mist pilot gets a couple light scares, but it lacks the brutal simplicity this brand requires. After an hour, they’ve killed a few people nobody will possibly care about and one animal people probably will care about. But the characters are still scattered through the town and my desire to follow any of them to see how long it takes to bring them together in a contained environment as they ponder the unknowable outside is next to nil. — Dan Fienberg, The Hollywood Reporter
  • Bridgeton is too dull, its denizens likewise. The mystery will eventually be settled, some people will get eaten along the way, our heroes will save the day, the fog will disperse, the sun will come out. Ten episodes sure seems like a long road to get there. — Verne Gay, Newsday