Wednesday, 9:30 p.m., ABC


The comedy based on a web series focuses on the point of view of a dog named Martin (voiced by Samm Hodges) and his relationship with his owner, Nan (Allison Tolman)

What The Critics Say (71 Metascore)

  • People are dogs, too. We also have complicated emotional lives, further complicated by our professional ones. We also seek food. We also seek love. We obsess. Nan and Martin’s bond works–and consequently this terrific series works–because it abides by these simple, inalienable truths. — Verne Gay, Newsday
  • As with any show built around a high-concept gimmick, there’s a danger here that the trick will wear thin; that we’ll tire of Martin’s low-energy observations. (Ned, at least as filmed, is the most morose dog on the planet.) But for now, be content with how much this Dog has going for it, starting with the gentle way it ambles along, speaking softly rather than barking at us, and including the sweet chemistry between Neff and Tolman. — Robert Bianco, USA Today
  • When Downward Dog tries to be a show as funny as the ABC ads try to make it look, it’s not very good at all. … When Downward Dog is about the love triangle or unconventional ménage à trois between Martin, Nan and Jason, that’s a show that I mostly enjoyed. — Dan Fienberg, The Hollywood Reporter