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Ram (Fady Elsayed), April (Sophie Hopkins), and Tanya (Vivian Oparah) are students at Coal Hill Academy who discover a secret shared by fellow student Charlie (Greg Austin) and their teacher Miss Quill (Katherine Kelly) in this sci-fi series created by Patrick Ness and set in the Doctor Who universe.

What The Critics Say (Metascore 66)

  • Class isn’t afraid to dive into its strangeness, but not always successfully. It’s kind of like a high school dance–fraught with crazy drama but not always as memorable as it’s supposed to be. — Rob Lowman, Los Angeles Daily News
  • While Class clearly has potential, it’s definitely way too early to say it comes close to rivaling Joss Whedon’s masterpiece; the show’s not nearly as subversive or as fun. And that’s perfectly okay because what we get is still pretty entertaining–even when it gets lost in its own darkness–thanks to a talented cast and a few standout episodes. — Chancellor Agard, Entertainment Weekly
  • Class is a spinoff that doesn’t seem all that excited to be associated with or inspired by its source material. It’s more teen horror than the science fiction implied by its shared fictional universe. — Kayti Burt, Collider