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The tentative peace after the defeat of King Richard III and Elizabeth of York’s (Jodie Comer) marriage to Henry Tudor, King Henry VII (Jacob Collins-Levy) is threatened by the appearance of a man (Patrick Gibson) claiming to be the Princess’ brother, Prince Richard of York in this sequel to The White Queen.

What The Critics Say (Metascore 71)

  • True to form, The White Princess frequently features an end card that admits that some of the situations and characters have been tweaked for dramatic purposes. But the actual events of this story still have enough in play to make this a riveting watch–particularly, as with the previous series, how much these three women vie for power when the majority of women at that time had little say whatsoever. — Gwen Ihnat, The A.V. Club
  • In addition to taking the chattel’s point of view in a world lopsidedly male, The White Princess is a tapestry of soap and backstage politics, with some really marvelous performances. — John Anderson, Wall Street Journal
  • Come for the fancy costumes, drafty castles, barbed glances and backstabbing power grabs. Just don’t come for the story, because Princess doesn’t have much of one to tell. —  Robert Bianco, USA Today