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Set in 1970s London, the relationship between Jas Mitra (Freida Pinto) and Marcus (Babou Ceesay) is tested when they free a political prisoner and form a radical underground cell that brings them in conflict with the Black Power Desk, a secret counter-intelligence unit within the Special Branch in this drama created and written by John Ridley.

What The Critics Say (Metascore 75)

  • Guerrilla, created, written and partially directed by John Ridley (12 Years a Slave, American Crime), is already one of the best things appearing on TV in 2017 and could be an Emmy powerhouse. — Tim Goodmam, The Hollywood Reporter
  • While the relational drama is intrinsic to the show’s investigation of revolutionary character, there are some twists and turns that got my eyes rolling. Still, the various storylines coalesce to produce a suspenseful, surprising finale, and the arcs of Marcus and Jas are compelling. — Jeff Jensen, Entertainment Weekly
  • This is another prestigious series that’s competently written and directed, dutifully performed, and politically astute, yet mired in numbing earnestness that dampens the most important element of all art: figurative revelation. — Chuck Bowen, Slant Magazine