Sunday, 9 p.m., HBO


The David E. Kelley adaptation of Liane Moriarity’s novel of the same name about how seemingly perfect lives of three mothers of seven-years-old children — Celeste (Nicole Kidman), Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) and Jane (Shailene Woodley) — end with someone committing murder

What The Critics Are Saying (Metascore 75)

  • The series is so exquisitely conceived and structured–and so remarkably acted by a top-notch cast that includes two of Hollywood’s most resolute performers, Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon–that the soapy layer quickly rinses away in the first episode. What remains is a deeply absorbing, highly addictive murder mystery matched with a carefully considered psychological work-up of an elite community. — Hank Stuever, Washington Post
  • The show could turn out to be soapy or campy, but instead it demonstrates the power and impact of family, community and friendship, how those bonds are just as meaningful and just as dramatic as any grand political or criminal enterprise. It doesn’t need dragons or mobsters or robots to stand as HBO’s best drama in years. — Josh Bell, Las Vegas Weekly
  • The series might have worked better if it let the strong cast make the most of the troubled writing–good actors can elevate tired scripts and, in reverse, tamp down overly dramatic ones. But that Greek chorus of witnesses that props up the construction of the series undermines their work. — Tim Goodman, The Hollywood Reporter