Inbar Lavi, impressive in several guest roles on TV and in movies, is sensational in “Imposters,” Bravo’s wildly entertaining new scripted show. The ravishing Israeli actress plays a con artist who uses her beauty to seduce and then rob both men and women.

Lavi’s complex character Maddie takes on multiple, completely different personas in order to con her targets. This involves adopting accents, mannerisms and little things like inflection.

Lavi, who has a Polish dad and a Moroccan mother, spoke about the challenge to Global News:

The hardest thing for me was to really find Maddie, and I don’t think that I’ve found her yet. Maddie is the core of it all. She’s the backbone, and she’s what all the branches of the different characters come from, so I wanted to make sure that I got her grounded and secure. And throughout the season, I was really nervous because I wasn’t getting her, and I realized that it’s OK because she doesn’t know who she is either quite yet, and that’s a big question that goes throughout the season.