Tuesday, 9 p.m., The CW


Based on a Brazilian show, cautious Evie (Tori Anderson), who works at a distribution center, falls in love with a man (Joshua Sasse) who believes an apocalypse is coming

What The Critics Say (Metascore 68)

  • No Tomorrow is a lovely hour, with romance, humor and serious moments along the way. The characters are appealing, and if the world really were ending in 8 months (it’s not, is it?), this still wouldn’t be a bad way to spend some time. — Gail Pennington, St. Louis Dispatch
  • There’s a good cast here, a template that has worked elsewhere and abundant promise. But No Tomorrow will need more tomorrows–multiple episodes–o find its groove and earn its spot alongside its stellar CW companions. Here’s hoping that happens. — Tim Goodman, The Hollywood Reporter
  • No Tomorrow isn’t going for authenticity so much as high-energy escapism. One’s ability to enjoy this series will hinge entirely on a willingness to suspend disbelief and embrace its sense of fun, a process that also requires an ability to overlook some contrivances in its writing. — Jen Chaney, Vulture