Friday, 8 p.m., CBS


20-something Angus “Mac” MacGyver (Lucas Till) and former CIA agent Lincoln (George Eads) deal with dangerous missions around the world as part of the Department of External Services in this reboot of the 1985 series

What The Critics Say (Metacritic 38)

  • It’s almost shameless how quickly Mac plows through the “classics,” including using soot and packing tape to lift a fingerprint, and I’m still unsure of what principle he uses exactly to outwit a biometric scanner. But these quick fixes remain a good part of the fun. … It deviates from the comparatively “lone wolf” nature of the original, though that’s not necessarily to its detriment; it simply makes it more familiar, CBS procedural-y. — Matt Webb Mitovich, TVLine
  • What you’re getting here is a factory-made retread that is less MacGyver than MacGyver: Impossible, with the title character now just one member of an impossible mission team. … The show does, however, have two saving graces beyond the easygoing charm of its stars. For one, the original was hardly holy writ, and tampering with it doesn’t count as a sin. And for another, weightless may be just what you want on a Friday night. — Robert Bianco, USA Today
  • The pilot travels the globe, but doesn’t look like it moved too far off the backlot. There’s no “wow” factor at all. And perhaps that boils down why MacGyver is just unnecessary, rather than being explicitly awful. — Dan Fienberg, The Hollywood Reporter