Reviews for the all-female “Ghostbusters,” which comes out Friday, started pouring in as soon as the Sunday morning embargo broke.

Current results of the two main review aggregator sites:

  • Metacritic — 62
  • Rotten Tomatoes — 78

Movie observers feel Metacritic has a better approach — it averages scores, giving extra weight to certain outlets. Rotten Tomatoes, meanwhile, relies on a less nuanced fresh-or-rotten formula.

CNN Reliable Sources reports “there’s an interesting aside to the reviews of “Ghostbusters,” which reflect just how politicized the movie became.”

Even some outlets that don’t normally push out reviews days before a movie premieres (the NYT, for one) posted almost immediately after the Sunday morning embargo broke, reflecting that this was deemed to be a bit bigger than just another summer movie. The irony, of course, is that’s precisely what the movie is. From that perspective, the very loud voices that began long before the movie’s release — protesting that a female reboot somehow ruined their childhoods — did Sony’s bidding in terms of helping to promote it.