This week’s “Reign,” CW’s cool period drama about Scotland’s Queen Mary during her teen years, contains two sex scenes that were curtailed by the fuddy-duddy network TV censors.

So what does the CW do to insure that viewers see the episode as originally intended? Put a “director’s cut” online… with the full sex scenes. Brilliant.

The scenes:

  • Near the beginning of the episode, Nostradamus gets it on with an unnamed woman. The uncensored scene zooms out, showing the bare-backed woman riding Nostray. Plus louder moaning.
  • At the conclusion of the episode, Mary consummates her marriage to French prince Francis in a room full of royal onlookers… there to make sure the deed was done (the custom in that time). The longer scene shows full-body shots (and Mary’s bare right leg), more passion and more of dejected bastard brother Bash’s reaction.

Of course, the Parents Television Council condemned The CW, calling the sex scenes “appalling.”

Future “Reign” episodes reportedly include a character dying during sex and a threesome. So we may see more “director’s cuts.” Now, let’s get the controversial female masturbation scene in the pilot online.