From TV soap opera to comic book (or graphic novel if you prefer).

“Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne” is due out Sept. 3 from Marvel Comics. The book is written by Erica Schultz and TV series scribes Ted Sullivan, Jesse Lasky and Wilson Pollock, with art by Vincenzo Balzano and Dustin Nguyen.

The graphic novel takes place years before Thorne (played by Emily Van Camp on TV) took the guise of a wealthy Hamptons socialite in the first Revenge episode, and the 19-year-old goes on her first mission in Switzerland after training under her Japanese sensei, Takeda.

“Revenge” executive producer Sunil Nayar said:

The parts of the history we’re bursting to tell is the origin of the woman you see that shows up in the pilot, as differentiated from the girl who was thrown into (juvenile detention) when her dad was taken from her. Emily is a master of cold, steely looks and finding ways to make people pay by using their own sins against them, yet she’s still learning all of her moves and skills when she’s pitted against an enemy with ties to those who ruined her and her family’s lives.