Go to a movie or watch a movie at home?

Most Americans prefer the couch, according to a new Harris Poll.

The findings: 57 percent of Americans would rather stay at home; 21 percent would rather go to the theater; 19 had no preference; 4 don’t watch movies.

Other results

  • 68 percent went to the movies at least once last year.
  • Two-thirds went to the movies less frequently than they did a few years ago.
  • Americans went to an average of five movies in 2013; by age (83% Echo Boomers, 73% Gen Xers, 59% Baby Boomers, 44% Matures).
  • 68 percent believe 3D movies are just an excuse to charge more for tickets.
  • 58 percent have snuck food into the movies.

Best aspects of going to the movies

  • The sound and picture quality of a movie on the big screen (58%)
  • The experience being a short escape from everyday life (45%)

Worst aspects of going to the movies

  • Concession prices (62%)
  • Rude moviegoers (56%)