• Jon Stewart. Back on The Daily Show after 12 weeks off directing a film, the comedian promised viewers he’d missed them. “You don’t know what it’s like out there in the real world. Nobody applauds every f—— little thing you do.”
  • LeBron James. The NBA star will be one of the executive producers a Starz comedy that will explore the lives of two men from the streets who attain fame.
  • Luther. The incredible Idris Elba is back as the chief inspector as BBC America smartly airs the four-night limited series on successive nights.
  • Pittsburgh Pirates. First winning season in 21 years. Go Buccos.
  • FXX. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and The League debut on the new network.
  • Burger King’s French Fry Burger. Lame. Now if they put McDonald’s superior fries on Burger King’s superior burger, we might try it.