Kristen Bell has been talking about getting it on with a 19-year-old boy in The Lifeguard, and now we get to see the action as the movie hits theaters on Friday. The former Veronica Mars star plays a woman in the throes of a life crisis as she approaches 30. After she returns home and takes a job at a local swimming pool, Bell’s character begins an illicit affair with a local teen (David Lambert).

Bell was asked by Vanity Fair:

How was it sharing a love scene with a 19-year-old?

We really shook hands and said, “Let’s make this graphic and real.” Even prior to rolling, I think I just grabbed his hands and put them all over my chest and said, “This is it. Don’t be shy. Do what you do. I won’t be uncomfortable. I trust you.” He was extremely professional. Going into a scene that intimate as a female, you couldn’t ask for a better partner. There’s a lot of choreography going into the camera work and making sure you can’t see the, like, one inch of fabric that is actually keeping you from having sex.”

The Lifeguard, which debuted at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, is also available via video-on-demand services.