There is a growing demand for more and more original comics and graphic novel, and is ready to meet it. The online retailer has started publishing more original comics through its new imprint, Jet City Comics.

Jet City issues will publish on Kindle as stand-alone comics, serialized comics released over multiple episodes, and bundled graphic novels, with print editions available at and other comic retailers.

The first issue of “Symposium,” the first original Foreworld comic, was released Tuesday.

Jeff Belle, vice president of Amazon Publishing, said:

Comics and graphic novels, especially in digital format, represent a unique area for innovation. Our focus will be on adapting great books for this medium as a means of expanding the audience for our authors, pushing boundaries with new ideas that combine visual and narrative storytelling, and creating compelling new experiences for readers.”

More titles are due in October, including George R.R. Martin’s “Meathouse Man” and Hugh Howey’s “Wool.”