1. Cher said Tom Cruise was one of her five best lovers.

2. Mick Jagger‘s original career plan to become a school teacher.

3. Zach Braff will make his Broadway debut next year in a musical adaptation of Woody Allen‘s crime caper Bullets Over Broadway.

4. The State Historical Society of North Dakota is considering buying the boyhood home of Lawrence Welk.

5. Stephen King likes to eat cheesecake when he’s writing.

6. A World War Z sequel is in the works.

7. John McEnroe is writing a new memoir for 2014 that will focus on his years as a businessman and tennis broadcaster.

8. Earth, Wind and Fire will releases their first album in eight years on Sept. 10.

9. Martha Stewart admitted to sexting.

10. Humorist Garrison Keillor kicks off a 26-city “Radio Romance Tour 2013” next month.