AMC has released the poster for the final season of “Breaking Bad.” Eight episodes are left.

THR reports that “Breaking Bad” showrunner Vince Gilligan spoke about the emotional end of his show during a TV panel discussion Tuesday night in Los Angeles.

I haven’t told my crew this. I actually cried writing the end – ‘The end’ on the last episode. I haven’t since then.”

Gilligan said that though “Breaking Bad” is often praised for its meticulous planning, he insisted the show’s ending was not part of a master plan concocted during season one.

We sat around in the writer’s room for thousands of man hours playing a game of chess, saying, ‘If we move the character from here to here to here, what happens? What’s the counter-move? Essentially we said, ‘What are all the possible endings we can come up with?’ And then, ‘What is the ending that satisfies us the most?’”