1. Robert Downey Jr. has confirmed he earned in the $50 million range for The Avengers.

2. American Idol is interested in Harry Connick Jr. as a judge next season.

3. Bruno Mars appeared as a tiny Elvis in Honeymoon In Vegas at age 4.

4. Bethenny Frankel’s syndicated talk show Bethenny will debut on Sept. 9.

5. There will be a Men In Black 4.

6. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner says initially he wanted to call his world-famous magazine Stag Party but decided to change it to Playboy at the last minute.

7. Rashida Jones is left-handed.

8. John Mayer plans to release a new album this summer.

9. A new study finds that 49 percent of Americans feel that movie trailers give away too many of a movie’s best scenes.

10. Vinyl music sales are at a 15-year high.