• J.R. Ewing. Dallas gives the classic character a heartfelt goodbye. Now we wait to find out who killed the rascal.
  • Sherlock. The acclaimed BBC Sherlock Holmes drama will officially begin filming its third series next week.
  • Spring Breakers soundtrack. Electronic music specialist Skrillex produces cool album.
  • Curly Fries. Those who “like” them on Facebook have high IQs.


  • Justin Timberlake-Kanye West Feud. J.T. implies SNL dig was in good fun, tells Jimmy Fallon: “For the record, I absolutely love Kanye. So, there’s that.”
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The franchise’s animated prequel on Cartoon Network canceled after five seasons.
  • Soda Ban. A state Supreme Court Judge quashed NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to ban the sale of large sugary drinks in the city’s restaurants and other venues.