Person Of Interest

This was the “Person of Interest” episode we had been waiting for. And boy, did it deliver.

Feb. 21’s “Relevance,” co-written and directed by POI creator Jonathan Nolan, was one of the best hours of television this season. An absorbing, relentless, action-filled thriller that played like a mini-movie.

And Reese and Finch were rarely seen.

“Relevance” focused on Samantha Shaw, an intriguing new recurring character. She was played sensationally by Sarah Shahi. Backdoor pilot, maybe?

Nolan described Shaw to EW:

A fearless, sexy operative in a secret paramilitary organization that tracks and eliminates terrorists before they can act. She brings to her work a yen for mayhem and a sharp, dark wit — in whatever language the locals are speaking. If James Bond and Sarah Connor had a kid, Shaw would kick its ass.”

Shahi told IGN:

She’s the ultimate badass. I say if Jason Bourne and Catwoman had a child, this would be her. She is sexy, she is deceptive, she is dangerous, she is flawed. And without being a superhero, she’ll just use anything that she can to get the upper hand in a situation. She’s completely fearless. There’s nothing really that holds her back. She’s almost like a machine in the way that she operates.”

We can’t wait to see what Nolan plans to do with Shaw next.