Sunday is Super Bowl roman numeral, roman numeral, roman numeral. Don’t be condescending, I may not know football but I know Super Bowl parties. How do I know, the big game is Sunday? Because it’s BOGO chips and soda galore at the supermarket, that’s how.

Pity me, if you must or blame it on my daddy or the men in my life, none of whom are “into” football so you can say I’ve been blessed (or cursed, depending on how you see it). Touchdown: me! But, like any self-respecting American, I take full advantage of the day to show off my party girl skills as both guest and hostess.

The following are a few easy peasy lemon squeezy party ideas sure to make your Super Bowl party a winner. Oh, and some stats because what would a Super Bowl be without random stats.

1. Holy guacamole and chips, Batman! An estimated 8 million pounds of avocados and 11.2 million pounds of potato chips will be sold for Sunday. And what is a chip without a dip? A thought too harrowing so let’s get to dipping.

Cilantro Lime Guacamole

If you want to get really crazy, substitute the corn chips for blue corn tortilla chips. Better yet, tell everyone to bring their own bag.

Guacamole Dip


2. Refreshments anyone? What better way to wash down all the sodium but with some sugar. More than $2.37 million dollars will be spent on soda. Use one or both of  these punch bowl recipes to show off team spirit.

Blood-Red Cherry Punch


Blood Cherry Punch


Purple and Black Punch



3. You must have a cheese platter. After a few sips of punch, party goers will want to form special teams and scrimmage on your football field of dairy. San Francisco cheddar vs.  Baltimore bleu cheese. No recipe needed just look at the platter below and make your own variation.

cheese platter


4. Chocolate-covered strawberry footballs. A treat for the eyes and taste buds.

strawberry footballs

Simply buy the chocolate of your choice and melt according to package instructions; half strawberries and set on a parchment paper covered cookie sheet; drizzle melted chocolate onto strawberries and cool in fridge to set chocolate. For the white icing detail use Betty Crocker Cup Cake icing (in a canister with decorating attacments). And, voila! You are officially a Super Bowl hostess with the mostess.

Random Super Bowl facts.

* The Super Bowl is the second highest day for food consumption after Thanksgiving.

* 48 million people will order take out or delivery.

* Domino’s estimates it will deliver more than 11 million slices of pizza.

* Party goers will consume more than 27 billions calories and 1.8 billion grams of fat from chips.

* An estimated 51.7 million cases of beer will be sold.

* Stores report a 20% increase in antacid sales the day after.