The end.

For NBC’s Parenthood, it was the conclusion of Season 4. For ABC’s Private Practice, it was the finish line of the series after six years.

Two excellent network dramas, rivals in the 10 p.m. Tuesday time slot, and not a gun in sight.

Both finales were emotional and rewarding, in part, because the series creators — Jason Katims (Parenthood) and Shonda Rhimes (Private Practice) wrote the scripts. Strong acting on both shows also had a lot to do with the overall quality.

Parenthood had it best season. Kristina’s cancer subplot was sad but it resonated with the show’s devoted fans. Monica Potter deserves an Emmy nomination. NBC has not renewed Parenthood, but it would be foolish to give up on one of its best shows.

Katims, who previously served as showrunner for Friday Night Lights, is also working on the NBC comedy pilot for About A Boy, based on the movie.


Private Practice, the medical drama that started as a spinoff of Rhimes’s Grey’s Anatomy, ended with the expected wedding of Addison and Jake… and a second unexpected love match. Practice lost some steam when it was moved out of its post-Grey‘s Thursday time slot, but still remained compelling. Rhimes crafted the final season to include episodes focused on individual characters to wrap up their series-long arcs.

Rhimes still has two series on ABC: the still-popular Grey’s Anatomy and the political soap opera Scandal, which may be the hottest show on TV.