THR Ranks Hollywood’s Most Powerful Authors

THR Ranks Hollywood’s Most Powerful Authors

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THR selected those living authors who have been most successful in shepherding their books from page to screen, balancing success in publishing (total output, sales, best-sellers) and in Hollywood (completed adaptations, projects in development, screenwriting and producing credits) while accounting for cultural influence.

1. Stephen King

2. Elmore Leonard

3. Nicolas Sparks

4. EL James

5. Suzanne Collins

6. Robert Kirkman

7. George R.R. Martin

8. James Patterson

9. Michael Lewis

10. Stephenie Meyer

11. J.K. Rowling, 12. Tom Clancy, 13. Dennis Lehane, 14. Charlaine Harris, 15. Daniel H. Wilson, 16. Ken Follett, 17. Cormac McCarthy, 18. Seth Grahame-Smith, 19. Laura Hillenbrand, 20. Jeff Kinney, 21. Candace Bushnell, 22. Gillian Flynn, 23. Neil Gaiman, 24. John Grisham, 25. Sara Shepherd.

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Six to watch: Zane, Lee Child, Jennifer, Egan, Maggie Stiefvater, John Green, Ransom Riggs.

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