The Awesome List: September 2012

The Awesome List: September 2012

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Episode 2 e1344253680943 570x319 The Awesome List: September 2012

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Jerry Seinfeld’s web series is a snazzy new vehicle for his relatable brand of observational comedy. Genuinely funny conversations with fellow comedians like Larry David, Alec Baldwin and Ricky Gervais.

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Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author riffs on family, race, politics and music in his sprawling, charming new novel that chronicles the demise of a neighborhood record store in Northern California.


sons of anarchy 502 003 570x379 The Awesome List: September 2012

Jimmy Smits in “Sons of Anarchy”

Smits made a sensational, sexual debut in SOA’s fall premiere. He plays Nero, a pimp, or as he protested to Katey Sagal’s Gemma post-orgy: “I’m a companionator… I’m all about the love.”

joaquin phoenix the master 01 1930x9751 570x287 The Awesome List: September 2012

The Master

Director’s Paul Thomas Anderson latest film — which may or may not be based on Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and the launch of his new religion — is being hailed as something of a masterpiece by critics. “This, to me, is the best movie I’ve seen all year,” said Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers.

claytonjax large e1347903148851 The Awesome List: September 2012

“This Is SportsCenter” commercial featuring John Clayton

There have been dozens of terrific SportsCenter commercials, but this one — mocking the longstanding myth that the bookish, bespectacled football expert sports a ponytail — may be the best.  ESPN turned a promotional clip into a viral hit.

dylan 2296819b 570x355 The Awesome List: September 2012

Tempest — Bob Dylan

Dylan’s remarkable 35th studio album is earning glowing reviews. In the 10-song set, the Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient tackles topics like the Titanic disaster (the epic title track) and the assassination of John Lennon.

 The Awesome List: September 2012

Symphony of Science video about climate control

Awesome science nerds “sing” about saving the planet. SOS producer John D. Boswell beautifully remixes and auto-tunes Bill Nye, David Attenborough, Isaac Asimov and Richard Alley. Will have you tapping your toe.

mypet e1347903848626 The Awesome List: September 2012

Frankenweenie app

You can get in the mood for the Tim Burton movie to come out (Oct. 5) by Frankenweenie-fying your own pet.

3217450 ratio4x3 width586 570x427 The Awesome List: September 2012

Caveat Emptor: The Secret Life of an American Art Forger by Ken Perenyi

The author is a liar, cheat and a thief but also a decent writer. America’s most accomplished art forger — do you know a better one? –recounts a surprisingly entertaining tale of the art world’s shady side.

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