(Don’t miss the videos at the end.  Henri’s ennui may displease him but it will please you.)


Have you seen the sweet faces of children full of laughter and joy and felt nothing?

Been assaulted by young lovers locked in a passionate kiss and thought … idiots?

Or thought, “No man is an island unto himself.” It’s true. Man is a continent of woe … ?

If, yes, allow yourself a moment of contentment, however elusive, and meet Henri, le chaton noir.

Indifference. Malais. Ennui. Torment. Suffering. Bland giblets. Henri wallows in such as a pig in mud. But without the joys, of course. If he were not imprisoned and forced to “play” in a ridiculous sadistic contraption, he would escape. But he remains.

Henri is alone and comitted only to detachment. But even that eludes. Kitty ennui is destined to a life of misery …and Fancy Feast.

This is Henri, an endearing curmudgeon who no longers purrs, enduring all cruelties of the world: love, hope, companionship and cheesburger-loving roommate, “the white idiot.”

video 1

video 2