Kate and Ben. Ben and Kate. Are you buying the sexual tension between the star (Sarah Shahi) and the new guy (Aussie newcomer Ryan Johnson) on the second season of USA’s “Fairly Legal?” On last week’s episode six, Kate played seductress (to prove a point) and later unsuccessfully tried to take Ben home (after seeing her ex-husband with another woman at a bar.) So they’re ramping up the love triangle as promised. USA believes the show, which attracted a decent audience, could be better so it installed new showrunner Peter Okco (“Pushing Daisies,” “The Office”) for season two. Okco decided to emphasize character development over the boring legal cases. Good move, but you need compelling characters. There’s no question that “Fairly Legal” is all about Shahi, who continues to be one of the most captivating women on television. BTW: Shahi was named the 7th ranked Sexiest Woman Alive by Smartasses.Net in its 2012 rankings (Naya Rivera, another JH fave, was No. 6.)