“Fringe’s” 19th episode “Letters of Transit” — the one Joshua Jackson said serves as “a template” for what the show’s potential fifth season could be — aired Friday night.

Set in 2036, a universe where the Observers have taken control of our world. A mind-blower.

John Noble, exceptional as Walter again, talked to the Huffington Post last week about the episode.

19 was unusual in the sense that we didn’t have the leads involved,” the actor, who plays Walter Bishop, explained. “That was Walter with two really big, important guest stars, Henry Ian Cusick and Georgina Haig. It felt, to me, like it was a really strong episode. The two guest actors did a fantastic job, which is not easy to do, to step into an established company. It is out of the box and is somewhere else completely. I think that the fans will love it. Some fans of this type of material will like it anyway because Henry Ian Cusick was such a big star in ‘Lost,’ but also, this new girl is just full of wonderful energy, too.”

Noble on next season… if Fox (cross your fingers) gives us a next season.

It’s going to turn out to be an exceptional episode in its own right, but it’s also profound in what it will tell us about where we go from here. The great question at this point is: Do we get Season 5? I think what the writers are doing is sitting down and establishing a scenario whereby we can launch into a fantastic Season 5. If we don’t get it, we’ll finish off with a fantastic finale … and [‘Letters of Transit’] is a wonderful episode in and of itself.”


We’ll let the one-and-only Jeff Jensen of EW provide the recap: