‘Gossip Girl’ Still Going Strong At 100

‘Gossip Girl’ Still Going Strong At 100

gossip girl 100th alter 546x307 Gossip Girl Still Going Strong At 100

“Gossip Girl” is no longer a trendy show, but it can pack a punch. Monday night’s 100th episode floored viewers with one shocking revelation after another.

  • Georgina Sparks was revealed as the Gossip Girl. Possibly.
  • Blair and Louis got married  only to have the Prince’s motives revealed to be no more than a business deal. The dirty bastard.
  • Blair and Dan Humphrey ran off together following the reception. Runaway Princess Bride.
  • As well as Blake Lively in a dream sequence as Marilyn Monroe singing “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.”

The plotlines can be ridiculous — Blair’s pact with God to save Chuck’s life — but the show continues to be compulsively watchable.

Executive producer Stephanie Savage, who previously worked on “The O.C.” and “Chuck,” is happy that GG hit the century mark. A sixth season seems a certainty.

It’s very hard to get to 100 episodes. “The O.C.” got to 93 episode. “‘Chuck’” got to a heartbreaking 91 episodes. 100 episodes in our industry is considered the standard of success, of achievement. So to be able to get there, especially on a serial drama, especially on a show about young people, especially in a cycle where there was a writers strike, it’s a big deal.”

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