Though I have only seen a few episodes of Syfy’s hit show, “Destination Truth,” I can certainly understand why this globe-trotting nerd-fest that seeks out monsters and myths and the paranormal and the revolting has become such a success.

In large part, it’s thanks to the fearless and funny host, Josh Gates, who has just written a new book about his experiences. If you’re not familiar with his style, then just know that he opens the book with quotes from Henry Miller and Oscar Wilde and Indiana Jones. He’s the perfect balance of smarty-pants and pop culture, and those are the kind of people we like to follow for years.

In his own quirky way, Gates chronicles his adventures in places like Romania and Mongolia and Brazil and Egypt. In Mongolia, the search is for a creature called a “Death Worm” – an excursion he describes as “the hardest and most miserable” in the show’s history. Supposedly it is bright red and anywhere from three to five feet long. Just the thought of it makes me quiver, but Gates and the team are steadfast in their quest as always, and thankfully the book doesn’t require the show’s favorite gimmick of night vision goggles.

As with many of these adventures, the creature is not found and the hard evidence is in short supply. Many of the team’s outings stem from folklore and legends, but while they may not have uncovered the Holy Grail or the Loch Ness monster, with “Destination Truth,” the journey’s the thing.

And thanks to Josh Gates and company, we ‘re not bitter when they don’t find what they’re looking for because it’s just so darn fun to be their traveling companion – either on screen or on the page.