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Blu-ray players were invented for movies like TRON. As has become custom from Disney and Warner Bros., the box set of this film has everything you could possibly want. There’s the Blu-ray 3D film, the Blu-ray 2D film, DVD film, Digital copy and a pile of bonus bits and pieces. Whichever version you watch, the visual effects, sound effects and score by Daft Punk (which is AWESOME) are all wonderful compliments to what is, at its heart, a fantastic sequel/reboot of a beloved classic. Not only is the world of TRON a visual wonder, but the human story which begins in the real world is something very grounded and engaging. On the inside, however, when the bands of light burst onto the scene and the sound design takes over, TRON becomes a spectacle unlike any other. The features on here will only make you appreciate the world of the film and the artistry used to create it all the more (like the crown at Comic-Con who became part of the film through their cheers and raucous energy). The critics were not so kind when this film came out in cinemas, but it’s sometimes best to just ignore that and enjoy the ride that is TRON.