“The Tudors” played for four years. Now Showtime is making history come alive again with “The Borgias,” the tale of the most infamous family of the Italian Renaissance.

As the pay cable’s ad says: “Sex. Power. Murder. Amen.”

The big, bad Borgias were the models for the Corleones in Mario Puzo’s “The Godfather” and Machiavelli’s “The Prince,” and we’ll see why over the next eight weeks. Showtime hopes “The Borgias,” which was created, executive produced and written (in part) by director Neil Jordan (“The Crying Game,” “Interview With the Vampire”), will be as popular as “The Tudors” and run for years as well.

Jeremy Irons headlines the production playing the ambitious, diabolical Rodrigo Borgia, who, in the first hour, becomes Pope Alexander VI in 1492 after bribing his fellow cardinals.

The Washington Post calls the miniseries “vile, corrupt, addictive.” The Catholic News criticizes the show for “sensationalism.” It is seemingly bothered by all the hot sex scenes.

You can judge for yourself.