Here is some practical fashion advice for January Jones of “Mad Men.” Its best not to brag about how little time and effort went into your Emmy look, until you’re sure you’re  NOT on the worst dressed list. It took you only two hours to get ready and you slept till noon. And guest what? It shows; especially in your hair.

At first, the pattern of Jones’s ruffled, blue, Versace gown looked like scales. But, no, ruffled is right because she does look like a peacock.  The color and shine of the dress was captivating and translated well on camera, that’s about all the good that can be said. The hairstyle didn’t complement the gown. It was a classic case of too much humidity and not enough Aqua Net. Betty Draper must be so disappointed. Then, again, what hairstyle could do justice to cone boobs and a lobster train? Oh, and the shoes. Were they a loan from the Mad Men wardrobe department? Fashion miss aside, I have to give props to Miss Jones for wisely choosing a Versace again after the designer’s mint chiffon gown earned her a spot on last year’s Emmy’s Best Dressed list. It was a fashion risk worth taking only this time it didn’t pay off.