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Something happened halfway through ABC’s new hit comedy.  It basically left its name behind and stopped playing on the hook of older ladies looking to sleep with younger fellas; it changed course to become a latter-day ‘Friends’ in Florida.  And if you’re a fan of the show then I certainly don’t need to tell you about the fast and furious comedy packed into each 23 minute episode. Or the wonderful chemistry between these girls and boys as they suck down their vino out of soup bowls in the sunshine.  A second pass at some favorite episodes and moments will still make you laugh, and perhaps appreciate this lovable group of people even more.

As for the DVD-ness of it all, there are a handful of features on here to note:

  • Bloopers – Always a must, and my first stop on the menu.  They’re fun but way too brief for my taste.  I like more bits of people falling down and such.
  • Deleted Scenes – Interesting character material but it’s always a little awkward without the timing of the comedic edit.
  • Taming Cougar Town – A brief feature with the show’s creators about the world, the characters and the fact that the word “cougar” has never been used on the show.
  • Ask Barb – I guess this was on the website / blog, but it’s a little dirtier here for the DVD set.  The first of them has her dirty Shakespeare titles which made me snicker :)