Television has incredible power, the ability to teach important life lessons. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences established the Television Academy Honors in 2008 to recognize “Television with a Conscience.” “CSI” and “Glee” are among the eight programs honored this year. The list:

CSI, “Coup De Grace”  (“One of America’s most popular dramas tackles the still important and challenging questions of race, profiling and assumptions about racial prejudice.”)

Glee “Wheels”  (“This dynamic episode weaves three main threads together to paint a portrait of how we treat others — and how we can do it better.”)

Grandpa, Do You Know Who I Am? With Maria Shriver (HBO Documentary Films)

Explorer: “Inside Death Row” (National Geographic Channel)

Private Practice, “Nothing To Fear”

Taking Chance (HBO Films)

Unlocking Autism (Discovery Health)

Vanguard: “The OxyContin Express” (Current TV)