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Keep Calm and Carry On  Keep Calm and Carry On
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Over the holidays I was having a look at the special features on the DVD of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” and saw Rupert Grint sporting a t-shirt with this Keep Calm slogan and I kind of loved it. It actually dates back to the British government’s ministry of information from 1939. Back then, 2.5 million posters were printed – most of them were ultimately destroyed but a surviving copy found its way into a bookshop and now it’s become ionic once again, with even more surfaces to slap it on.

And the itsy-bitsy book offers “good advice for hard times” which is definitely timely. A collection of quotes, the first half is the “Keep Calm” portion, broken up into sections like: The Economy, Debt, Greed, Work and so forth. The “Carry On” half offers more cheery sections like: Happiness, Friendship and Change. Good stuff like Herbert Hoover’s line “Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt” and Honoré de Balzac’s “Behind every great fortune, there is a crime.” On the upswing, there’s stuff like Benjamin Disraeli’s “There’s no education like adversity,” or the Chinese proverb “To be happy for an hour, get drunk; to be happy for a year, fall in love; to be happy for life, take up gardening.”

See? Sometimes little things make all the difference!

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Author: JP

JP SARNI is a producer and writer who holds a BFA in Media and Performing Arts from Savannah College of Art and Design. Producer credits include: "Heartland" (short / set to premiere at the 2007 San Francisco International Gay & Lesbian Fim Festival), "The Launch" (short), readings of the rock opera "Utah's Crying" under his Métropole Ink production entity, plus "Play Ball! A Trilogy of Baseball Films" (associate producer) and "Flashback" (producer / showcase production) for Weird Sisters. For two years, he worked as a producer and on-air reporter for SIRIUS Satellite Radio (on programs including "The Judith Regan Show"). He has just finished line producing the feature-length documentary, The Pennhurst Project, for Radioaktivefilm NYC (The Ground Truth), and will next be line producing Charles Forbes' Minor Gods for the Summer Play Festival at Theatre Row. Additionally, he has worked for legendary publicist Bobby Zarem, the National Alliance for Musical Theatre, and numerous film production credits, including: Alfie, WTC View, and the upcoming P.S., I Love You.

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