Series Premiere: 23 October @ 10pm

I really hope that the networks start canceling some shows, because I need to make room for one more on the DVR. USA is quickly becoming a staple in my apartment for the effervescent tone of shows like ‘Royal Pains,’ ‘Burn Notice,’ ‘Psych‘ and ‘In Plain Sight.’ Their newest entry tackles (obviously) the world of white collar crime in present-day Manhattan. Have no fear though, the procedural aspect of the show isn’t Lehman Brothers type stuff, it’s far more Thomas Crown than that. Neal Caffrey (played by Matt Bomer of ABC’s hot-minute show ‘Traveler‘) is one of the slickest thieves in the world. He knows his suits, he knows his wines and he’s got a head of hair that would make shampoo jealous. His cool moves help him walk out the front door of a maximum-security prison just before the end of his sentence, all so he can (we assume) go after the girl that got away. He gets pinched immediately by the FBI agent who caught him in the first place, Peter Burke (Tim DeKay of ‘Tell Me You Love Me‘).

Burke is in a pickle on a case and strikes a deal with Caffrey to consult on the job while wearing one of those sexy ankle bracelets. And I think we all know what happens next: the unlikely duo manage to help one another every day, on the job and off. It’s kind of a tried and true pairing – the frenemy thing. The pilot episode of ‘White Collar’ certainly shows the difference between these two fellas in their personal and work lives (not to mention their code of ethics), but they seem to get chummy awfully fast. This doesn’t give these boys a lot of room to grow towards one another, unfortunately, but I’m hoping the series will find other means of keeping things interesting. It’s a great concept and Neal Caffrey is the coolest new character on TV, so I’ll be watching every week.