SNL’s Top 10 Halloween Sketches

SNL’s Top 10 Halloween Sketches

Halloween candy has been at the grocery store for at least a month now, so I figure it’s time to get into the Halloween spirit. Below are the 10 best Halloween sketches from Saturday Night Live (or at least the ones that are available online).

10. Matt Foley: Motivational Speaker

9. The Zimmermans

8. Adam Sandler Cheap Halloween Costumes

7. Back to School

6. Frankenstein

5. Most Haunted

4. Clinton Halloween Party

3. The Mirror

2. Vincent Price’s Halloween Special

1. Jeff Montgomery – Happy Halloween… What?!


  1. Hahaha. Sex offender costume. Perfect.

  2. stupid Hulu! doesn’t play outside the sates.

  3. Yes, even when it’s not Halloween, I’m still Jeff Montgomery :D

  4. Kristen wiig as sexy shauna is the best it was on 10/09/11 w ben stiller too fingfunny! But like u said the ones u can find onlinecause I cant find it!

  5. Goddamn Hulu doesnt open all the videos. Where i live i pay cable too, in order to watch Saturday Night Live. I dont think i should worry that much anyway, i’m sure Hulu is working very hard obtaining the so called ”international streaming rights”.

    Anyway, the Jeff montgomery skit is just genius.

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